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Stunning things


Our mega menu plugin allow you modify and change many things, you can change any colours, adjust the transparency, add or remove shadow and other ellements, Like social networks, contact data, search and shop cart icons. You will have a total control for the many options. We try creaty a simple and functional menu plugin, You can see below just some of examples of menu variations.


You can enable a mega menu on your site, use a default colours or change it on yours. It’s easy customize use our mega menu plugin.


You can control create the transparency level, allow it for main menu, submenu, or for mega menu, change a logo postion. You can use a sticky, normal, fixed


Another cool feature that Crane offers is the AJAX shopping cart. When enabled, users will have immediate feedback after adding items to their cart in your WooCommerce shop. They will also have access to view the contents of their cart without ever leaving or refreshing the page.


A lot of possibilities
Groovy it’s our mega menu plugun, plugin include  in Crane theme bundle